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Mohamed Lembaid

ZenPhos Founder - Fertilizers Industry

Senior Process Engineer, with a demonstrated history in the fertilizers industry. Skilled in process technology and engineering. Strong experience in process tools & calculations development. More than a decade of experience defining client requirements, designing, implementing, testing and delivering process solutions.

Technical Expertise


My main technical expertise includes the following processes :

  • NPKs chemical granulation

  • NPKs bulk blending units

  • NPKs steam granulation

  • Superphosphates SSP/TSP

  • Animal feed phosphates MCP/DCP/MDCP

  • Ammonium phosphates MAP/DAP

  • Ammonia storage & distribution

  • Phosphoric acid production and gypsum handling

  • Sulphur melting and sulphuric acid production

Experience with the following final products : MAP, DAP, NPKs, SSP, TSP, MCP, DCP, MDCP, AN, CAN, Water soluble fertilizers, Merchant grade phosphoric acid, Purified phosphoric acid. Also familiar with​ phosphate beneficiation, nitric acid and ammonium nitrate production.

Project References


YARA Columbia : NPK Expansion Project


YARA Italy : Ammonium nitrate prilling tower new air scrubbing system

YARA France : New 25 000 T Ammonia Storage Tank commissioning & startup

YARA Netherlands : Concept study for a new water soluble NPKs plant

YARA Brazil : NPK rotary dryer technical assessment

OCP Morocco: Commissioning procedures for a new MAP/DAP plant

YARA Brazil : HAZOP study for a new SSP/TSP acidulation and NPK granulation plant

YARA Finland : NPK dryer cyclones technical assessment

YARA International : NPK training program for Yara newcomers

Confidential Client : Technical proposal for a new hemihydrate phosphoric acid plant 

OCP Morocco : Phosphoric acid process route selection for a new plant

YARA Brazil : Replacement of NPK rotary dryer

YARA Norway : NPK plant revamping

YARA Finland : NPK cooling section upgrade

YARA Netherlands : Pressure safety valves study for ammonium nitrate granulation plant

OCP Morocco : Sulphuric acid plant revamping

OCP Morocco : Phosphoric acid new tilting pan filter

Ma'aden Saudi Arabia : Concept study for a new GTSP plant

Agropolychim Bulgaria : Technical proposal to increase phosphoric acid production

ICS Senegal : Technical proposal to increase phosphoric acid production

OCP Morocco : Concept study for a new SSP/TSP acidulation and granulation plant

OCP Morocco : Concept study for a new phosphoric acid cadmium removal process



+32 4 78 50 35 86

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